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Start by digging deep
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We can help you with all kinds of people problems, like the common ones below, and more.

Change Management
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Reorganizations
  • New Leadership Approaches
  • Outsourcing, Centralization
  • New HR Delivery Model
  • Growth Mindset
HR Communications
  • Employer Value Propositions
  • Employer Branding
  • Benefits Enrollment
  • Wellness
  • Pay & Rewards
  • Performance Management
  • Training
Employees & Culture
  • Employee Focus Groups
  • Employee Interviews
  • Workforce Situational Research
  • Employee Community Service
  • Employee & Leader Events
  • Manager Effectiveness
  • Live the Values Campaigns
  • Safety Program Campaigns

And the list goes on. Don’t see it?
Don’t worry. We can help.

Let's talk results.

That’s why we do this. And that’s why you’re here. These are just some of the results our clients are getting. Want to see more specifics? Contact us.

A global professional services organization has an identity crisis from growing through acquisition. Employee research shows there is a common culture, but the employee experience varies greatly from manager to manager.

Our Approach
  • Inconsistent employee experience driving up turnover, recruiting costs, employee dissatisfaction
  • Conduct 20+ employee focus groups at locations across the nation
  • Capture video testimonials from great managers
  • Simplify CEO wishes into six actionable expectations
  • Create a “tablet” microsite featuring real advice, real managers and real tools, plus a way to gauge user feedback
The Results
  • Average site visit duration is 4:13 minutes
  • Very positive survey responses
  • 604 unique visits to the site
  • HR incorporated expectations into current manager training courses

A large energy company is spending too much on health care; by midyear, they were already $900,000 over budget. They decided to adjust their most popular plan’s design, introduce two new Health Savings Account (HSA) plans, and sunset their least-used plan. They needed to drive 12-15% of their population into one of the new plans.

Our Approach
  • Analyze current enrollment to find most employees were spending more than needed on their health care plan
  • Listen to employees’ perceptions (company really only offered one medical plan choice)
  • Realize we must find ways to reach remote work locations, spouses and office workers
  • Give a compelling reason to switch, educate about the new plans, illustrate the plans with concrete examples
  • Create a microsite with three videos to fuel education
The Results
  • 25% of employees enrolled in one of the new plans
  • 5,627 unique visits to the site (target = 4,000)
  • Average site visit time = 8 minutes
  • Positive feedback from user surveys

A successful organization wants to grow rapidly in the next five years. Headquartered in a Midwestern city with a sleepy reputation, they have difficulty recruiting the talent they need from large, metropolitan cities (New York, San Francisco, Atlanta, etc.).

Our Approach
  • Interviews with recruiters revealed that candidates were dropping out because of reluctance to relocate
  • The recruiting and marketing team gave us the “insider” look at their hometown
  • Present the city’s best features, avoid overselling, and surprise candidates with all the city has to offer
  • Start with a creative brochure, then expand it to a travel kit, a welcome basket and customized greeting cards to reflect the city’s and the organization’s hospitality and heart
The Results
  • Upon initial rollout, recruiting team was able to secure relocation visits for 10 key openings – 50% more than the previous 6 months
  • Seven of those candidates have joined the organization
  • 30-40% increase in responses
  • Response time increased by 1-2 days

This organization has grown through a series of acquisitions. The wide array of groups, locations and backgrounds made it difficult for senior management and HR to define their culture or explain why they were a “great place to work.” Recruiting and retention efforts were stymied by this lack of a genuine, meaningful culture message.

Our Approach
  • Analyze the current and potential employee demographic
  • Conduct 20 employee focus groups to speak with employees and managers in various groups, locations
  • Interview employees on video to let them explain why “it’s great to work here”
  • Use qualitative and quantitative focus group data to create a genuine, compelling story that reflects the pride and heart of the organization
  • Convert the story into a flowing script that could be layered with employee quotes to create an authentic culture video
The Results
  • The CEO and leadership team liked the video so much, they launched it ahead of schedule at the annual leadership and sales forum.
  • The sales team decided to show the video in several large sales pitches.
  • The story and video served as a message platform for updates to recruiting and rewards materials.

A health care organization decided to take its commitment to health one step further by no longer hiring tobacco users and adding mandatory health screenings to its wellness program. The organization felt there was a strong risk that they would lose applicants and garner negative press coverage if this message wasn’t delivered successfully.

Our Approach
  • Only six weeks away from launch, we focused on a powerful CEO message
  • Create a heart-felt, genuine message that builds on the organization’s culture as caregivers, call on employees to become role models for patients
The Results
  • The CEO message gave Corporate Communications a clear direction for the external press release.
  • The CEO received impressive, positive feedback directly from employees.
  • All local news media ran positive stories about the new tobacco policy.
  • Four national programs provided positive and/or balanced coverage.
  • There has been no change in the number of applicants.

How do we get these kind of results?

We don’t want to go on and on about our process and how it’s brilliant and that you need it, even if we think so. We just want you to know that we do things for a reason, and that reason is to create lasting change.

We listen. We make it stand out. We measure.

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