All Systems Go!


When clients reach out to us for support as their organizations implement new technology, we’ve noticed that their ask is shifting. What used to end with a period (“We’re implementing a new system.”) now has a very important comma: “We’re implementing a new system, and we are going to use this technology implementation as a springboard to do things differently… to make smarter decisions… to use our resources in more efficient ways.” We love that comma because it’s a launch pad.

If your organization has been entrenched in legacy systems and processes for a long time, the thought of moving away from customization and embracing smart standardization can seem daunting. A lot rides on making sure this move delivers seamlessly to your employees, managers, and your business. And, like most of our clients, you have little tolerance for anything that disrupts your people or your business.

SimplyConnect has tips for tackling the change management jitters that accompany the decision to go a different direction. Thoughtful planning around change, hard work, and, let’s face it, courage when your stakeholders say, “We can’t do that” can get you and your organization over the finish line, ready to make the most of your big move, and bring about change that sticks inside of your organization.

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