Amy Tellor

Straight-shooting problem solver.

Amy is a senior consultant at SimplyConnect Consulting. She’s got the goods: advanced “make-it-happen” ability combined with strategic thinking. With 15+ years of corporate HR leadership under her belt, she’s walked in her clients’ shoes and knows how the real work gets done. Trust us when we tell you, she “gets it” and has the stories to back it up. She delivers great ideas with a practical twist and helps deliver meaningful change that sticks inside of organizations.

Have a challenge that involves bringing employees closer to the business? Hold on to your hats folks, you’re in for a fun ride. When she isn’t delivering for her clients, Amy loves watching Major League Baseball (she’s an American League girl), attending Lyle Lovett concerts, looking for eagles in northern Minnesota, following Mike Rowe and his quest to close the skills gap in America, and sipping a dirty gin martini. Or two.