Winning the War for Talent


With unemployment levels reaching a low we haven’t seen in nearly half a century, employees (current and future) have their pick of employers. No matter where your seat is in the organization, does the question of if, how, or where you'll get the talent you need to sustain your business objectives keep you up at night? Well, you aren’t alone. The good news is, the answers are well within reach if you’re willing to look through a new lens. SimplyConnect is sharing our favorite tips for helping employers win the war for talent (remember, we have “Simply” in our company name).

Here are a few additional questions to ask as you think about how you are tackling the war for talent in your organization. Your answers will help you stop counting sheep at night and start counting the number of rock star new hires walking in your door:

  • Do your recruiting tools, like your career site, social media presence, and recruiting “handouts” interest you and get you excited about what it means to work here?
  • When was the last time you tried something new and different in your recruiting efforts?
  • When talking about hiring, are your managers hiring for the people you need today or for the future?
  • Once you have landed the talent, what is their first day like? Hint: Sit through a new hire orientation for yourself and make sure it is solidifying your new employee’s decision to pick you, above all others.

See you on the battleground.

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