Nimbleness and Baseball


We call it the bat phone. If we could get our phones to blink bright red when that particular call comes in, that would be pretty cool. We’re lucky to say that it’s rare that we have a one-time-only client. And, after working with us on a project or two, the call to the Bat phone changes. What starts with, “hey, we have a problem, do you do this?” over time becomes “hey, when can you be here, we have this problem and we need your help.” Even with jam-packed travel schedules, we will make it happen.

We often find clients deep in the shades of grey. With problems so complex that there are multiple ways it could be sorted out. If it was a clear path, chances are you wouldn’t need us. These are the hard places, and as someone who was once an extremely entrenched insider, I know this is when it is impossible to see the forest for the trees. We’re confined to the limits we see within the organization. Our way of thinking is influenced by those around us facing the same challenges we are. And, we’re staffed to only go so far with solutions….as well as fighting the fight we call our day jobs.

The power of SimplyConnect — it’s what differentiates us — is this: We deliver big, creative thinking unlike what most of our clients have seen, but we’re small enough that we can pivot and pivot and pivot some more. We’re nimble. We can shift gears when the need changes. We can flex into spaces that are meaningful and can carry an initiative over the finish line. Most important, we compliment and add to what you are already bringing to the game. Our diverse skillset as a team means that whatever the pitch, we’ve got the right batter for you (sorry folks, baseball season is upon us, so you are going to have to suffer through my baseball-isms).


Why does nimbleness matter? You want partners who can adapt. Change up their stance. Be ready for the next pitch. Every project is full of curve balls and change ups. We know it going in. We’re ready for and anticipate it. And we have yet to deliver on a mission (that’s what we see your project as) that 100% lines up to what was anticipated going in. That’s the fun part.

If you look up the word nimble in the dictionary, you’ll find this:
  1. quick and light in movement; moving with ease; agile; active; rapid
  2. quick to understand, think, devise
  3. cleverly contrived

Anyone who knows me would debate quick and light in movement, but the rest of the Connectors are pretty light on their feet. The rest of that definition pretty much fits us as a team. Agile. Quick to understand. Cleverly contrived. Yes, yes, and yes. We love those shades of grey and we’ve got a batter for every pitch coming your way.

Let’s play ball!

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