What's Your Story?


We all have a story. Where we’ve come from, the things that matter to us, what we’d go to the mat for, and the game changers along the way that have made us who we are today. Now, think about your organization. Sure, there are the Mission, Vision, and Values posters on the wall, and they mean something. But rarely do we see them capture the hearts and minds of your people in really authentic ways.  

Capturing the hearts and minds of your people. It’s at the heart of what we do. Doing it well can breathe life into your organization AND tell your story authentically both inside and outside of your building’s four walls.

Our favorite way to tell these stories is through video testimonials. Whether it’s for town halls, recruiting materials, or even sales pitches, the first time we launch testimonial efforts inside of organizations, we’re often met with skepticism. (“How do you know what people will say?” or “What will we use it for?”) But once our clients see their people talking about the work they do, why they show up even on tough days, why someone should come work here, all of those worries fade away. These are the hearts and minds those Mission, Vision, and Values posters just can’t capture.

We love testimonials so much, we’re willing to share our best tips for making the hearts and minds of your best asset—your people—come to life on film. If you’re taking this on yourself, don’t look for an Oscar nomination on your first go. It’s about the content and making video become an integral part of your attraction and retention strategy—and we all know that’s going to be a work in progress.  

So when you pass those posters on the way to reload your coffee cup, think about it. Really. What’s your story?

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