Wake Up and Smell the Coffee!


Hey, want to meet for coffee?”

These magic words are part of our common language because—let’s face it—nothing brews connections quite like a cup of coffee. We’re not just fans of coffee because it gives us a boost of caffeine when we need it most (we’re practically hooked up to IVs of it during busy season, tbh), but because it invites people to gather and engage authentically.

If your communication strategy feels like it was made hours ago and has been sitting at the bottom of the pot too long, chances are you may need to brew a fresh pot. Let’s face it, sometimes the amount of communication coming at employees on the daily can be as noisy as coffee beans running through the grinder. Or worse yet, communications are falling flat instead of capturing the hearts and minds of your people. Just like when you walk into your favorite coffee shop and you know your barista is going to get your order just right, that’s the feeling most organizations are shooting for when they put communications efforts to work.

So go refill your cup and get some inspiration this International Coffee Day from your favorite brew. Maybe the buzz you will feel in your communications efforts will have little to do with caffeine and be more about connecting with and engaging your people in a new way.

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