Cyclists and Vikings and Zombies...Oh My!


Some days are normal. Some days are unique. Some days are just downright fun. Today was one of the fun days. How can you not have fun when you have real employees laughing and dressing up for a video?

It started out like so many. “How much time is this going to take?” “I have three calls and tons of things going on.” “I have to wear what?!” But by the end, they are lingering, laughing and taking a ton of pictures for their social media accounts. Some don’t even want to take the zombie makeup off because they want to walk around and shock their coworkers. Yep, it happens every time you break the corporate mold. The corporate grind of coffee, email, WebEx and meetings. It’s where relationships become stronger, cultures start to shift and teamwork isn’t about tiny ticks on a strategy chart, but creating something together that you’ll never forget.

For me, today is also about a fierce client who dares to be different. Not a whole client team. One person willing to say, “Why not?! Zombies and Vikings are cool.” One person willing to get off the corporate treadmill of normalcy and create a spark that will create a wave of change. Maybe the wave will be huge — like an epic surf-riding wave (shout out Cali!). Or maybe the wave will really be a ripple like a pebble dropped in a creek. Who cares?! It’s a wave. It’s a wave that these employees won’t forget…and neither will I.

Cyclists, and Vikings, and Zombies…oh my. This is going to be a great video!

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