Skip Levels: Better Engagement, Better Business Results


Feedback happens in all kinds of ways inside of organizations. Team meetings, one-on-ones, employee surveys, town halls—each has a time, place, and purpose when you’re trying to make sure information is delivered and received. But no matter where our seat is in the organization, we all have a natural filter that helps us take in and process information. As information moves throughout an organization, more and more filters come into play. That’s why, in classic SimplyConnect style, we advocate for skip levels (one leader skipping over levels in an organization to create conversations with people they aren’t in as frequent day-to-day contact with) as a way to get the unvarnished, straight scoop.

All too often, we find skip levels take on a “check the box” feel, leaving some participants thinking, “What just happened over this last hour… Will anything come from this?” If you are doing the skipping in your organization, take a moment to really check-in on what you’re trying to accomplish during this dedicated time. Is this “get to know you” time? Or is it a chance to get your finger on the pulse of your organization? Whether it’s the former or the latter, we’ve got some suggestions to recharge your conversations with your people.

If these tips resonate with you, here’s our final word of advice: Just as you schedule dedicated time to hold your skip levels, carve out space on your calendar for actioning—and don’t forget that reporting back to your team member whose conversation sparked new ideas for you closes things out in the best way possible. This kind of intentionality will drive engagement and open up new ways of communicating in your organization.

You’re just a hop, skip, and a jump away from your next best connection with your people.

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