Slaying Monsters SCC Style đź‘»


Spooky season is in full swing, but let’s be real: You deal with hair-raising business problems year-round. We see you. That’s why we’re creepin’ it real and giving you some tried and true tips for tackling the monster business problem hiding under your bed and keeping you up at night.

No matter where you turn—history, the movies, or Amy Tellor’s favorite book series, Nancy Drew—ghost stories and monster myths are everywhere. Scholars tell us that, more often than not, ghost stories tell us the truth about things. The problems or anxieties we’re afraid to speak aloud in the light of day tend to linger in the ghost stories we whisper in the dark. But here’s the thing: When we give our problems names—when we call them out as the monsters they are—it’s a lot easier to know how to overcome them. And, yeah, most scary stories involve a hero coming in to kill the monster—but that’s not always the case. Monsters can also be thought-provoking and, in some cases, catalysts for good or change. Frankenstein’s monster teaches us empathy, heightening our awareness of other’s feelings and the reasons behind their decisions, and Professor Lupin, a werewolf-professor, is a hero in the Harry Potter series—the list could go on and on. While ghost stories force us to name our fears, monsters challenge us to imagine new tactics and ask questions like, “How did we get here?” “How did this thing grow so big?” “How can we imagine a different world as we fight our way out?”

So, when it comes time to tackle your next scary business problem, rally your crew, arm yourself with the tools you need, and dare to imagine things from another perspective. Not only will you turn tricks into treats, you’ll have your entire organization saying “Boo-yah!” when you’re done.

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