Hannah Turnage

Go-getter. Girl wonder.

You won’t know it ‘til we tell you, but Hannah’s a millennial—the first to join the Connectors in 2017. She’s not like your average-Jane millennial. For starters, she has a work ethic like no other. Throw any problem at her and Hannah will dig in and try to unravel it—and she’ll often bring more than one crazy great solution to the table. Master of details and organized to the hilt, Hannah can crank out communications, but her true ongoing love affair is with project management, spreadsheets, and finding that overlooked missing piece, keeping our clients (and our entire team!) on task.

But that’s not all, folks. Having grown up with an iPhone and the latest technology playbook in her hand, she’s proficient at web development, coding, eCard distribution, and will even get her hands dirty in data analysis. She’s also schooled in other HR topics, like benefits and Workday.

Hannah is a woman on the move, having spent a good bit of time overseas. Fluent in Spanish, she studied in Spain, then spent all of 2019 as a Connector working abroad in 12 different countries. Hannah now lives in her hometown of Memphis, TN, but you may find her on a ride at DollyWood (a big Dolly fan, right here!) or at a football game in Neyland Stadium. Go Vols! 🧡 Hannah’s other favorites: dogs, naps, her dad, and all things The Office.