Erin Paisan

Spitfire strategist. Writer extraordinaire.

Erin has been around the bend in the creative and communications worlds. After a few years channeling Lois Lane at various newspapers, Erin left the world of scoops and found her real calling communicating to front-line employees at both U.S. and global companies. Since then, she’s racked up more than 25 years of experience with consulting firms, agencies, and large and mid-sized employers in both the private and public sectors. She’s well-versed in all things HR, including benefits, compensation, performance, talent management, and even the daunting world of mergers and acquisitions—but also knows how to translate and communicate the complex financial language of business, having supported and written for C-suite executives. Ultimately, Erin’s key strength is walking clients and their employees through big changes using a strategic approach to communications.  

When she’s not working with awesome clients, Erin enjoys visiting her two grown daughters, planning her next beach vacation, reading for her book club, and volunteering with non-profit organizations in Dallas.