Why I Like Eric Hutchinson


I love his style. Part Jason Mraz. Part, well, Jason. Actually reminds me of another Jason from high school. Shout out!

I like him because each of his songs is a story. Small, simple stories. Yes, they have a good beat and his voice is good. But each really has a story that makes me think of something or someone. Lots of them make me think of my husband. Some about funny stories. Some just make me laugh because they sound like my friends. But when you dig deeper, they are simple stories. Clients could learn a lot. We fill our conversations and communication with complicated words and thoughts – value proposition, performance management, career development, HR transformation, culture shifts, employee engagement. Let’s be real. I’ve used all of these in the last 24 hours multiple times. What if they were replaced with lyrics? Get after it, push yourself, time to change (shout out Peter Brady), you’ve lost that lovin’ feeling, and heart, mind and soul. Now we are making some sweet, relevant people music.

Two challenges. Check out Eric. And try something HR radical. Both could change your perspective for a few minutes.

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