Wellness program need a boost? These tips can give your wellness program the shot in the arm it needs.


Good health moves your business forward. Wellness programs can be perfect opportunities to show your people how much you value and appreciate who they are—not just what they do. Cluttering communication channels with information about programs that aren’t relevant to their lives or wellness—like blasting information about a tobacco cessation program to an individual who’s never smoked a day in their life—hinders employees’ ability to engage with messages they actually need. Meeting your people where they’re at cultivates engagement.

Encouraging a culture of wellness not only fosters engagement and good health, but also helps boost productivity, energy, and mental clarity, improving your business’s culture and efficiency as a whole. Not to mention that, with unemployment levels reaching a low we haven’t seen in nearly half a century, many organizations are in an all-out war for talent. By connecting your wellness program to your business and to your employee’s individual needs, you’ll stand out from the crowd. It’s time make your wellness program count.

We’re sharing three of the biggest roadblocks our clients have encountered when trying to build a healthier workforce, as well as three of our most tried-and-true tips to help make sure your wellness programs are truly making a difference in the lives of your people.

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