SimplyConnect is Turning 5!

Get the party horns and confetti out everyone, the party has just started. SimplyConnect just turned 5. The last five years have flown by. Those who know me well will attest that I am an optimist that doesn’t sugarcoat the truth. I believe that positive, bright shiny spots, are often the overlooked sources of solutions and innovative ideas. But I’m also the first to tell you that starting your own business from the ground up was a (censored…) lot of work. But when SimplyConnect turned five a few weeks ago and a client asked me, “What are the keys to building your own business?”, I needed a few seconds to answer. I wanted to sound articulate, savvy and leading edge. But the real, authentic answer was the truth. People. The people that have been beside me, trusted me and went out on a limb for me were the key. And still today, the key reason that I do what I do…and love it.

In honor of our anniversary, I bring to you…SimplyConnect Shout Outs.

Shout out to the “Ultimate Business Partner.” You were the first to realize the power of our solutions. That placing your order would just get you hamburger and not a solution. You took a risk and just gave us the business problem. And results were amazing. I look forward to the treks up the mountain with you.

And to our version of the Divine Miss M, I shout out to the “Talented, Born-Again Communications Believer” who was one of the first winds beneath my client wings. Friendship brought us together at the beginning, but trust and partnership helped us deliver unique communication and drive real business results. I will dive into the deepest ocean to help you make your organization better…because you’ve already done the same for mine.

I’m going to kick it up a notch for my “Brave Up and Comer.” Sometimes the craziest idea “fits like a great shoe.” But you’ll never try it on if you aren’t daring, willing to try something new, ready to make a ripple in the HR lake and maybe force your people into a pair of tights. You trusted in our kooky, crazy ideas founded in a strong understanding of your people. That trust can’t be replaced and makes our jobs even more fun.

Let’s be honest (hee hee) consulting is a tough business. It’s often a business of squeezing budgets and hunts for the next great person to give us okay ideas for a lower price point than the consultant before them. We’ve been blessed with lots of clients that don’t follow this trend. One in particular, I call the “Gracious Partner.” She saves our mojo for the cool stuff — new branding, acquisitions, research, culture and new media. She let’s us come in with swagger and deliver results.

My 5th shout out goes to a gaggle of smart women and super-fly guys. My ladies challenge me to push even further. Some have been by my side since the beginning and others I met along the way. Our dude posse takes our creative ideas to the next level. Without all of them, SimplyConnect would be words on a page. They are the magic behind the awards. They are the friends behind the scene. They are the difference between “us” and “them.” Some are my anchor to reality and others inspire me with their passion to go where no (wo)man has gone before. They are quirky. They are smart. They are the secret in the sauce.

So what are the keys to building a business? People. Relationships. Passion. And the desire to help others make a difference. If you can combine those, stay true to them, and love what you do along the way, there’s magic at your fingertips.

To everyone that has helped me over the last 5 years, my deepest, quirkiest thank you. Here’s to another 5.

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