Pirate Lessons


We’ve all heard the old maxim “It’s not what you say, but how you say it,” and we know from experience that this is absolutely true in the workplace. Far too many times we’ve seen important information get lost because it’s not connecting with its intended audience. So, if you’re tired of feeling like you’re not quite getting your point across, we’ve got a question for you: Have you tried talking like a pirate?  

Aside from the visions of pillage and plunder (oh, yeah, and the barrels of rum), the pirate life is all about rallying your crew, overcoming whatever challenges or stormy seas come your way, and achieving a common goal: reaching your destination safely and scoring a load of awesome treasure. And the secret to pirates’ success? Well, they run a pretty tight ship—and this includes their communication. By using a universal language of pirate speak composed of words and language that the whole crew understands, pirates are able to get everybody on board and remain engaged as they stay the course and work together to accomplish their mission.

So, grab your pirate hat. We’re taking you to the high seas to discover how three tips from our swashbuckling friends can give your organization’s communications a serious impact.

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