Curve balls, hip checks, and slam dunks: all in a day's work for HR.


Whether it’s football, baseball, hockey, or basketball, it’s no secret that many of us Connectors love a good game. But what in the wide world of sports does our fanaticism have to do with HR? Well, more than you might think.

Life in HR is full of curve balls, so having a game plan is critical if your team is going to knock it out of the park. No matter the challenge you’ve set out to tackle, you’ve got to make sure everyone is working from the same playbook. This means communication is key. If you’re not being up-front, clear, and honest with your people, you’re likely to get stopped short of the goal line.

We’ve run a mile in your shoes. We know that HR teams are just as diverse and exciting as sports teams. While there are some days you have to act as a defensive line, blocking issues as they arise, there are other days when you get to be the special teams kicking off lasting change inside your organization. HR experts do it all: You’re the data ninjas studying the game tape and making sure you have the measurement you need to inform your next big play, as well as the cheerleaders who build the team spirit that both boosts productivity and retention and also helps recruit your next superstar. Ultimately, when playing at their best, HR teams can be a fierce offensive force helping advance your organization’s business objectives down the field.

So huddle up, everybody. It’s time to take your HR game to the next level.

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