Celebrating the Heartbeat of Your Organization with a Toast 🍸


Happy Employee Appreciation Day! Out of all the holidays—Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, you name it—we think this may be our favorite. After all, communicating with your people in a way that captures their hearts and minds—that’s just our cup of tea.  

Across all the organizations and teams we’ve worked with over the years, we’ve learned that one thing is always true: having a strong, tight-knit team where people feel utilized, valued, and respected can make all the difference in the world. But getting the right mix of personalities, skill sets, and perspectives can be a tricky cocktail to master. One thing we can promise you is that learning your employees’ individual work styles, communication styles, and motivators can make a huge impact on their personal wellbeing, the health of your team, and the productivity of your business.

Spending time having intentional, individual conversations with members of your team lets you see them for who they are—what gets them up in the morning, and why they do what they do. Partnering with your people to make their work meaningful is one of the best investments you can make in your business—and it doesn’t require a huge investment of resources, just an intentional investment of your time. Whether it’s something formal, like hosting a workshop that teaches strategies for having more impactful, one-on-one conversations with direct reports or just having a team lunch, happy hour, or offsite event at a local bowling alley, creating relationships that matter to your people is better than the best glass of bubbly. Cheers to you and the real heroes of your business—your people!

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